Gerard Pique 'caught cheating' by Shakira with couple 'set to separate'

Barcelona superstar Gerard Pique's long-term relationship with Shakira is reportedly close to being over over after the Colombian pop sensation allegedly caught her boyfriend cheating

Gerard Pique 'caught cheating' by Shakira with couple 'set to separate'
Gerard Pique 'caught cheating' by Shakira with couple 'set to separate'
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Gerard Pique and  Shakira are reportedly on the verge of splitting up after the Barcelona defender was allegedly caught in bed with another woman.

It is reported that the couple have been living separately for a few weeks after Pique was kicked out of the family home by the Colombian pop sensation. According to Spanish outlet El Periodico, he's now staying in a bachelor pad and has been living a "party lifestyle" since the split.

Further reports claim the Spain international has been frequenting nightclubs with team-mate Riqui Puig and his group of friends, often returning home as late as two or three in the morning.

While neither party has addressed these claims, El Periodico journalist Emilio Pérez de Rozas says he's confident that the couple will split.

"(Shakira) has made the decision to separate. That is so. It has happened. That is why there is distance. Perhaps there is nothing left, but that (infidelity) has passed," he said during a live video stream of the podcast Mamarazzis earlier this week.

Shakira hinted at disharmony between the pair in her latest hit 'Te Felicito' with Rauw Alejandro, with the 45-year-old singing: "To complete you I broke into pieces; I was warned, but I didn't listen; I realised that yours is false; it was the drop that overflowed the glass; Don't tell me you're sorry, that sounds sincere, but I know you well and I know you're lying."

Shakira and Pique have been in item since 2011 - having met on the set of the singer-songwriter's music video for her single 'Waka Waka' ahead of the 2010 World Cup - and they have two children together, though they've never officially tied the knot.

02 Haz 2022 - 16:38 - English News

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